Can I unblock Netflix with NordVPN?

Lots of people are looking for VPN providers that will help them unblock different Netflix regions. NordVPN is one of the most famous VPN providers on the market, but will their service help you unblock different Netflix regions?

Not long ago, I received a comment in an article about how you can access Dutch Netflix outside the Netherlands. The author of the comment wrote that he had used NordVPN to access Dutch Netflix, and he was really happy about it. Now, I am not a complete newbie when it comes to VPN providers and to NordVPN, and that made me very suspicious from the first second. Do you know why?

There is one thing I have noticed about NordVPN that is very interesting. All their VPN servers seem to work with Netflix. No matter which server in which country I connect to, they all seem to work with Netflix. Does that mean NordVPN will help you unblock Netflix in all the nations in which they have servers? Well... maybe not! Read on to see what I discovered, and let me tell you, I was greatly surprised and my thoughts about NordVPN changed entirely throughout my testing process!

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Testing some NordVPN servers with Netflix

To show you what I mean and to explain what is going on, take a look at the following screenshots and what's happening as I choose NordVPN to unblock Netflix and to safe securely.

NordVPN server in Spain and Netflix

First, I connected to a NordVPN server in Spain and visited, and this is what I got!
This is what I got connecting to a NordVPN server in Spain
Now, I am well known with Netflix, and I immediately knew that Ant-Man and the Wasp is only available on Netflix in Canada and Netflix in the USA. In other words, this is NOT Spanish Netflix. So, what just happened? The NordVPN server in Spain that I connected to doesn't work with NordVPN, and thus they automatically send you to US Netflix instead, making sure that you are still able to watch Netflix. It isn't stupid at all, but it is not Spanish Netflix.

NordVPN server in Portugal and Netflix

Then I connected to a server in Portugal with NordVPN, visited the Netflix website again, and this is what I got.

Can I unblock Netflix with NordVPN

The content isn't exactly the same, but this still is the US Netflix catalog. To make even sure about being correct, I checked my latest devices on the Netflix website from which I had connected to Netflix, and I could see the devices and their IP addresses. And guess what, the IP addresses were recorded as American IP addresses.

In other words, NordVPN hasn't unblocked Netflix in Spain or Portugal to me, but instead, they gave me brilliant access to US Netflix.

What about the Netherlands?

The original comment I referred to in the start of this article was about someone commenting and telling me that they unblocked Dutch Netflix with NordVPN. Let me tell you, I was sure it was a spam comment and not true. But, to be sure, I decided to test it myself. Beneath you can see the screenshot I made after connecting to a NordVPN server in the Netherlands.

watching dutch netflix with nordvpn

Wow, I was very surprised to see what I actually saw as I used NordVPN and one of their servers in the Netherlands. I did not access US Netflix again, but instead, I actually could see and stream the content available at Netflix in the Netherlands. I was sure it was all a scam comment and junk, but as I actually gave it a try I had to admit, I was wrong! You can use NordVPN to unblock Dutch Netflix.

Based on this, I decided to give some more servers a try to see what I would find out about NordVPN and how good they actually work with Netflix.

NordVPN and Netflix in Australia

I connected to several of the NordVPN servers in Australia, but all I got was American Netflix. That isn't bad, but if you want Australian Netflix, it isn't the best.

NordVPN and Netflix in Japan

Then I decided to give Japan a try. I connected to a NordVPN server in Japan, visited the Netflix website, and guess what I saw?
Watching Japanese Netflix with NordVPN

As you can see, I got access to the Japanese Netflix content. Yet again, NordVPN was able to unblock a Netflix region, and it is not American Netflix I am writing about! But, let me try a few more regions just to find out even more about NordVPN's ability to unblock different Netflix regions!

NordVPN and Netflix in Canada

Canadian Netflix is one of my favorite Netflix regions, and I really hoped that NordVPN would help me unblock Netflix in Canada as well. This is an awesome region when it comes to blockbuster movies, and just recently I wrote an article about 10 awesome action movies worth streaming on Canadian Netflix in 2019. So, can NordVPN unblock Canadian Netflix as well?
I just unblocked Canadian Netflix with NordVPN

Surprise, surprise - NordVPN helped me unblock Canadian Netflix as well!

NordVPN and Netflix in the UK

The last nation I decided to give a test was England. This is an important Netflix region with lots of great content, and therefore, I was very interested to find out if NordVPN can actually be used to unblock English Netflix as well. I connected to a NordVPN server in England, and this is what I got!
watching English Netflix with NordVPN

As you can see, I got access to UK Netflix as well using the VPN services of NordVPN. 

What is the conclusion of this NordVPN and Netflix test?

Do you know what? I am totally blown away. Based on my earlier tests, I was sure that NordVPN could only be used to unblock American Netflix, and no matter which server you connected to, you would get access to American Netflix. To be honest, that wouldn't be bad at all, because after all, most other VPN providers will just give you the proxy error message, no matter which VPN server you connect to.

But, then came the other servers, and NordVPN would actually help me unblock Netflix in the UK, in the Netherlands, in Japan, and in Canada. That is totally awesome! It might be that they are able to unblock more nations as well, I am not sure, but based on what I just wrote, NordVPN might be the best VPN service for unblocking Netflix out there. How come? 

Not only do they unblock a lot of regions, but they will also keep you clear of all the proxy and unblocker messages. If a server doesn't work with Netflix, they will simply forward you to American Netflix instead. As a result, no matter which NordVPN server you will connect to, you will always be able to stream Netflix. That is awesome!

- Would you like to give NordVPN a try? Visit their website right away!

Based on this, I also had to rewrite my NordVPN review to make sure that the information presented in it is correct and honestly sharing the truth about NordVPN!

What is your experience with NordVPN and Netflix?

Have you got any experience with NordVPN that you would like to share? I would love to hear your thoughts about their VPN service and about how they have helped you unblock Netflix somehow!


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