Soon on Netflix - The Walking Dead season 9

Are you a fan of The Walking Dead, one of the most popular AMC series? The series which started with around 6 million viewers, has actually had more than 17 million viewers at the best. That was during the fifth season, but since then, the popularity has decreased. The ninth season didn't make the series more popular, so it had between 4-7 million viewers per episode.

There have been rumors online about The Walking Dead season 9 coming to Netflix in October, and that might be true. But, you can now also have the chance to watch the ninth season of the show already on September 1st. Does that sound nice? You can read more on how to watch The Walking Dead season 9 on Netflix in the following article!

But, that isn't all. If you follow those instructions, you will also be able to watch popular shows such as This Is Us and Lethal Weapon on Netflix in September.

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Kinja - A blogging platform you probably didn't know about!

A few weeks ago, I visited the Lifehacker website in order to look through their big archive of articles. I was looking for VPN related articles, and in order to comment, I had to register a user. But, after registering a user, I suddenly noticed the chance to publish an article. That was interesting, I thought!

Whenever you register a user at Lifehacker (or some other website on their large platform), you will be able to publish articles at Kinja. This is completely free to use blogging platform, and it has a nice design. It is easy to use, and you can publish articles quickly without big trouble.

Of course, you do not have the power over your domain nor anything, so in case you plan on publishing material that might be banned by the site itself, you might want to go somewhere else. But, in case you just want to publish your content at some domain which sounds nice and that is easy to use, Kinja might actually get the job done for you!

Some examples of Kinja users -…

Movie suggestions on Amazon Prime this summer!

I have so many streaming service subscriptions, but still I don't know what to stream on Amazon Prime or the other streaming services this summer. Well, what can you do about it? Often watching trailers will help you get some suggestions and that is why I have collected trailers from 15 interesting and good movies on Amazon Prime and compiled them into one grand collection.

While a normal trailer lasts for around 2 minutes, I have cut them down to 20 seconds, meaning that you in the next five minutes can watch clips from 15 trailers and thus get some great suggestions for what to stream on Amazon Prime this summer.

In the movie above, you will find clips from fifteen movies worth watching on Amazon Prime this summer. You will for sure not find all fifteen movies very interesting, but I have tried to include all sorts of movies in order to make sure that everyone will find at least one or two movies that they would like to stream.

Take a look at the clip yourself and tell me what y…

What Have They Done? - Bit Little Lies season 2 episode 1 review

What Have They Done is the title of the first episode in the second season of Big Little Lies on HBO. The title was one of the most popular arrivals in the TV show business in 2017, and even though the story was meant to end after season 1, people demanded a second season, and here we are in June 2019 served the first episode of the new season.
June 2019 has been a big month for TV show arrivals. Big Little Lies might be the most important of them all, while others might say that The Handmaid's Tale season 3 is the hottest arrival. My guess is that lots of fans of Big Little Lies also enjoy The Handmaid's Tale, which results in a fantastic month for those as they can enjoy new episodes of both the TV shows.

A What Have They Done review
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Gentleman Jack and Summer of Rockets on BBC

I have just published two new videos on my YouTube channel telling how to watch Gentleman Jack season 1 and Summer of Rockets season 1 online. How can it be done? Well, since they both are BBC series, the best way to stream these series is on BBC iPlayer. I know this might cause some trouble for those outside the UK, but luckily, there are ways and solutions that will help you still access the content on BBC iPlayer, even though you reside outside the UK.

In both videos, I recommend VPN services that work with BBC iPlayer. In the first video, I recommend using ExpressVPN, while I recommend using PureVPN in the second video.

There are no big differences between the two VPN providers, but if the price is what matters the most, PureVPN is a bit cheaper. So, if you are on a budget, use PureVPN to watch Gentleman Jack season 1 and Summer of Rockets season 1 online on BBC iPlayer abroad.

A video about how to watch Summer of Rockets online on BBC iPlayer
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Game of Thrones season 2 review

Nine days ago, I wrote my review of the first season of Game of Thrones. Now, I am ready to share my review of the second season. So, how did I like the second season?

I have got to say that I am watching Game of Thrones with mixed feelings. How come? While I was busy watching Game of Thrones season 2, I read all sorts of comments and heard fans say that the end of season 8 was terrible. And knowing that I have so many seasons and episodes left to watch, only to get to the end of season 8 in a while and knowing that the fans hated the way it all ended, that feels like crap. It is almost like watching a football match, cheering for a team, only to know the end result, and to make it worse, knowing that it is a bad end result... Now, that is why I mixed Game of Thrones season 2 with mixed feelings.

How did I like Game of Thrones season 2?
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Can I watch the cricket world cup on my Android phone?

Are you looking for a way to watch the cricket world cup on your Android phone? Do I have a method that will help you access and watch all the matches online? Yes, it is possible to watch the cricket world cup on your Android phone or your Android tablet, and it isn't really hard either. But, it will cost you a little bit of money, so if you are looking for something that is completely free, go somewhere else.

But, if you are a big fan of cricket and you are willing to pay the price for watching the matches online on your phone or tablet, then there is a way to do so. Based on my calculations, the price should be around 18 USD in total, and this includes a one-month subscription to the VPN provider of your choice and the price of the subscription to the TV channel which will let you watch their content and live streams of every single match for the upcoming thirty days.

Want to know more? Check the following article on Steemit in which I describe this method step by step. And yes,…